Our Mission

Save Elephants

In 2016, we embarked on a mission to help put a stop to the relentless culling of elephants, in particular those most vulnerable in the worlds developing nations. As of last year, approximately 50,000 elephants were killed solely for their tusks, the use of their tusks; ingredients in Eastern Medicine and Statues. Despite the world's current efforts, it is still not enough, the ivory trade is still a big industry and although countries are taking big steps to eradicate all ivory trade international and national, (the recent destruction of ivory hauls in Mozambique) the only way to fully combat it is to raise global awareness - which we need your help for.

How We Help

As we want to ensure the survival of the elephants, for generations to come, we want to put our funds towards a deserving charity, where they really will make a BIG difference to stopping elephant poaching.  That is why we have chosen to donate 10% of all profit  toward a contribution to our chosen charity, which currently is SpaceForGiants.org. At Space for Giants, they focus all their efforts purely on one specific location, so instead of spreading thin and doing little, they target one area (Laikipia Reserve Park, Kenya) and do a lot! To find out more about the specific charity we support, visit SpaceforGiants.org .

With your help, we can give to a charity that actually puts our donations to good use rather than those that spend it on 'administration' and other highly ineffecient ways of using our money. So far Space for Giants has managed to assemble 4 heads of state to be part of their movement, from the Kenyan to the Ugandan President, so what are you waiting for, join the movement with us?