Elephant Forest – A Shop with a Bigger Purpose.

Since 2007, at least one third of elephants that once roamed the plains have been killed for their ivory. That is not something we want to continue at all! Our goal is to help to stop elephant poaching in its tracks!

Elephant Forest likes to see itself as a shop that really makes a difference. Sales on our store help to fund awareness and action to save the elephants. We donate a minimum of 20% net profit toward a charity that really makes a difference. Rather than spreading our donations thin, as many organisations do, ploughing them into overheads – we have carefully selected Space for Giants as our charity due to the focus it shows on achieving results.

Our Chosen Charity

Over the past few years, Space for Giants has helped to achieve an 84% drop in elephant killings across Kenya through a number highly effective projects. One of their primary projects, is the monitoring of the killing of elephants, specifically targeting Laikipia and Samburu within Kenya. This allows them to identify poaching hotspots so that they can effectively divert resources toward the affected areas, increasing the effectiveness of their funds and reducing elephant injuries and fatalaties.

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